Celebrating Connection

Five for Ailsa’s travel theme:  Camaraderie

Please click on any image for a larger view.

DSCN4714 FotoSketcher SL 8x6
Taking a break in Gamla Stan, Stockholm
DSCN3149 sl 8x6
Revelry in Tallinn, Estonia
DSCN2334 Nyhavn sl 8x6
Hanging out in Nyhavn, Copenhagen
DSCN2119 Spoorsingel Rotterdam SL 8x6
Playing in the streets, Rotterdam
DSCN1984 Coolsingel sl 8x6
Grabbing a beer after work, Rotterdam


16 thoughts on “Celebrating Connection

  1. Wow, all your photos capture the idea of comaraderie. Usually, when I look at a post with several photos, there is one that stands out to me, and the others often take away from my immediate visual response. But in this case, wow, again, all your photos give me a feeling of warmth and the goodness of humanity. Also, I appreciate the captions, because I really need to know where photos were taken. I thought the top one was a painting when I first saw it. And all of them are even more striking when I click on them, and see them larger. Thanks, again, and sorry for the verbose response.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Carol. I too often think people should stop at the one good photo because the others distract, and sometimes even stop me from liking or commenting on the post, so I really appreciate your comments. I did that first one with more ‘artistic’ editing than the others. I have it enlarged and hanging in my home. It’s a nice memory of a trip we took with my sister and brother-in-law.


      1. Thanks for telling me about your photo. Yes, my first response to it was “I want picture in my home!!”. I agree, often, I do not respond when people have too many photos in one post. That is why I found yours unusual, in that, each photo added to the other, rather than distract.


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