Dark Hedges

More than two centuries ago the Stuart family planted an avenue of beech trees, as an approach to their mansion.  South of Ballintoy and Ballycastle, northeast of Ballymoney in the County Antrim  countryside, Bregagh Road is now a public avenue, lined with magnificent beech trees that are almost 250 years old, known as The Dark Hedges.  A spirit known as the Grey Lady is said to roam the avenue though legend doesn’t seem to specify who she might be. The Dark Hedges is among Northern Ireland’s most photographed landscapes, for which I did my part. 🙂  Game of Thrones fans will recognize the setting. DSCN9317 Dark Hedges Antrim sl 8x6


DSCN9324 Dark Hedges Antrim sl 8x6DSCN9316 Dark Hedges Antrim sl 8x6DSCN9325 Dark Hedges Antrim sl 8x6

DSCN9320 Dark Hedges Antrim sl 8x6

13 thoughts on “Dark Hedges

    1. Hi Ed. We were there in October, on a rainy rather blustery day (the only such day we had out of 35) and it wasn’t difficult to get some shots without people. Some with people and vehicles for scale as well.

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    1. Hello Andy, and thank you, for your comments and all of your footprints today 🙂 We just recently returned from Scotland. We based ourselves in Hilton on the Firth of Moray and then in Thornhill in the south. Beautiful, beautiful country. I first visited 50 years (!!) ago so it was a long awaited return. I’ve also seen some of your Cornwall area, based out of Mevagissey. Another beautiful area.

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      1. You’re most welcome with regards to the comments etc, you have a great blog 🙂 I’ve only been to the Firth of Moray once, a bit like you, but a mere 38 years ago! And from what I remember it is really beautiful 🙂 I intend taking my wife at some point, even though she’s from Glasgow, she’s hardly ever been beyond the southern edge of the Highlands. And yes, I have been blessed by living in two wonderful parts of the world 🙂

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  1. Beautifully done. I like the atmosphere created and your information. As a photographer, I like the photo to tell the most of the story with just enough background information to make it very interesting. You do this very well, thanks.

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