Door/10 – St. André

This is the door to Maria and Michael’s dwelling in St. André in southern France.  They lived in an old winery they had converted.St Andre Maria's 18 sl 8x6

St Andre 23 sl 8x6The front exterior was unchanged without indication of the delightful spaces they had designed inside.  In addition to their own living space they carved out an apartment as well, which we rented for a couple of weeks so we could explore the area.  St Andre 55 sl 8x6

8 thoughts on “Door/10 – St. André

    1. Hi Charlie. They had been living in Germany and spent the summers of several years renovating the winery and picking up pieces to adorn it. They retrieved a beautiful mantel from the Dordogne region of France and had a iron spiral staircase especially built in Britain to take them upstairs.


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