Caution: Sheep on Road

DSCN8163 A897 to Thurso SL 8x6

DSCN8166 A897 to Thurso sl 8x6

DSCN8165 A897 to Thurso SL 8x6These sheep were roaming along the A897 in the Highlands of Scotland.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful


18 thoughts on “Caution: Sheep on Road

  1. When we were driving in Scotland and Ireland, I remember sheep just totally blocking the road. I loved it, because it was such a throwback to the past, and something I never experienced in the United States. This was 50 years ago, and I am glad they are still there!!!


  2. Excellent take on the challenge Lynne! It’s so good that they have signs like that on the roads. Those sheep looks like they own the place. LOL! I love it! I wish they could put up signs like that here for our Vervet monkeys. Great photos and thanks for sharing. 😀

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  3. Good one, Lynne. There are signs like this where cattle can range across the road. They’re so dumb that instead of getting off the road, they run down the middle, bawling and throwing terrified looks over their shoulders at the vehicle crawling along behind. 🙂


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