Photo Editing: Flair for Flare

The post title is a misnomer – I don’t have a flair for flare, but the light coming through the leaves of the maple trees was so pretty I got myself off our deck and retrieved my camera.  But I’m just a point ‘n’ shooter with my Nikon Coolpix and what I got was a lot of flare.


I must have taken 30 shots – here’s a cropped version of one followed by the same shot with an edited-in lens flare.

DSCN5026 crop 2 edit 8X6

DSCN5026 lens flare 8x6

Another with edited-in lens flare plus a couple of different versions

DSCN5024 lens flare 8x6

DSCN5024 crop reverse 8X6

DSCN5024 crop reverse SL bw 8x6

As an aside, my husband planted these two maples about 20 years ago, from seed, when I said that the height of summer luxury is lying in a hammock with a cool glass of something, just a-swingin’ and a-rockin’ in a gentle breeze.  The trees are ready to handle a hammock now but I don’t know if I am.  If I got in he’d probably have to roll me out 😀    We’re nothing if not patient. 😉

Paula’s Thursday Special: Flare

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