Black and White Sunday – Sculpture

Paula’s Black and White Sunday: SculptureDSCN4824 Drotten Church ruins Visby sl 8x6Theodor Lundberg created this statue of Christopher Polhem, (1661-1751) a Swedish scientist, inventor and industrialist.   He was born in Gotland in a village northeast of Visby where this statue stands on the grounds of Drotten Church.  Having a particular interest in mathematics and mining, one of his contributions was a process for lifting and transporting ore from mines.  It consisted of a track system for lifting the ore, powered entirely by a water wheel.  Human labour was needed only for loading the containers.

DSCN4826 Monument of Christopher Polhem by Theodor Lundberg Drotten Church ruins Visby SL 8x6

10 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday – Sculpture

  1. Lynne, I appreciate a lot this information about Polhem, which I was not familiar with before. You made a really nice effect with the selective colouring. Beautifully captured in both instances. In the first one I really like the intriguing view through the window in the background.


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