Door/5 – The Singer Building

This is the entrance to the Singer House at the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and the Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg.DSCN3484 former House of Singer Nevsky Prospekt sl 8x6

Built in the early 1900’s as the Russian branch of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, the building has official status as an object of Russian cultural heritage.  Its height was restricted by building code that prevented any building being taller than the Winter Palace.  To add height to the six-storey building it was topped by a glass tower and globe, subtle enough and still within code.   Now a book store, it is also known as the House of Books and is also home to Cafe Singer and a bank.

DSCN3347 Former Singer Building Known as Dom Knigi (the House of Books) Nevsky Prospekt 28 sl 8x6

DSCN3479 Tower of Former Singer Building (Dom Knigi) SL cyan 8x6

DSCN3489 fix sl 8x6

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