3 thoughts on “Odd Couple/18 – Back to Back

    1. Just randomly snapping shots with just two people in the frame sets it up for a lot of possible interpretations, a story around each couple and their interactions, or lack thereof. Two people captured in a moment in time when they may not even know each other and most likely would never remember the instance when it was shot. To me the whole ideas has a energy to it. I started my solo series (on my photo blog) when inspired by Sue at https://suejudd.com My couples series emerged from that. So if I have inspired you to a couples series of your own, I am honoured. 🙂

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      1. well I will keep you posted on my series – and will link it (even if just a post) but thanks for that – 🙂

        and I enjoyed reading your words – it does have a special energy….



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