Door/4 – 22 Kleine Burgstrasse

This door leads to the interior of one of the oldest brick Gothic buildings in the Old Town in Lubeck, Germany.  The roof of the Kranenkonvent has been dated to the year 1283.  Originally a convent, it was modified several times.  After the Reformation and until 1846 it was an alms house; then an infirmary.  By 1920 it was a residence for the elderly and since 1966 it has housed social welfare offices.
DSCN2490 Kranenkonvent sl 8x6DSCN2488 Kranenkonvent 22 Kleine Burgstrasse sl 8x6

DSCN2490 Kranenkonvent sl 8x6

3 thoughts on “Door/4 – 22 Kleine Burgstrasse

  1. Hi, took a long time finding this engl. link – thanks! Hope you don’t mind my putting it on the Lübecker hex, people are changing their HP all the time, so I hope you’ll leave yours alone 😉
    Groetjes MJ


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