The Old Grist Mill

DSCN5303 Martintown mill sl 8x6 bw

The Martintown Grist Mill in Glengarry, Ontario was built in 1846.  Built of local field stone and operated by water power, it sits on the bank of the Raisin River. It served the village and region as a custom flour milling operation for a 101 years, commercial use ending in 1947.  Typical orders were for a bushel at a time of wheat, corn, buckwheat, oats and malt. Below is one of my edited photographs that was purchased by a local resident at a show I participated in at the Mill. DSCN1446 The Grist Mill 8x6

Cee’s black and white challenge: older than 50 years

6 thoughts on “The Old Grist Mill

  1. Both photographs are really nice. I find these mills really fascinating. There is a place in the thumb of Michigan called Griststone City – or something like that. We are planning a visit in September.

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