City Scene Week 4

Robyn hosts the One Four Challenge at Robyn’s Fine Art – one of our own photos edited four ways over the course of the month.  This month I’m just going to play and see what develops – pun intended  🙂  For the last week I simply tried this and that, looking to produce something different.  The first slide show shows my steps to arrive at this –

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These are the four versions for this week

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18 thoughts on “City Scene Week 4

  1. Just take what Carrie said and add my name to it. I like the effect of week two but it distracts from the image. It seems more like an effect just for the sake of adding an effect. This week’s image is more of a single unit with every effect working together. And the crop just makes it work so beautifully.


    1. Thank you for the comments, Emilio. You’re right about week 2 – it was all for play and fun and not something I would actually hang on my wall. I think I like week 4 best too.


  2. I love the sky and feel in week 2 but this latest version is my favorite overall edit. There is so much to see and my eye easily flows around the image finding the pops of color. I love the black night sky too and the shadows of the buildings building through the bottom third of the image. Nice!

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