What Independence means to Cooper

This is Cooper. DSC00729 SL 8x6He’s very obedient.  He understands, “sit”, “stay”, and “leave it”.

IMG_9407 SL 8x6

Most importantly he understands, “come”, and he follows all the commands with just hand signals .

DSC00751 SL 8x6

And this has earned him his independence and freedom to explore his 30 acres of yard, field and wood, to check out all the scents and smells, play with sticks, muck about in puddles, and have friends over,

And at the end of the day, he can choose his own bed.

DSCN4946 sl 8x6

Ailsa’s travel theme is: Independence

5 thoughts on “What Independence means to Cooper

    1. He’s a great friend, very considerate actually. Never wakes me up in the morning, even if I’m late. He just walks in and noses my hand ever so gently. If I don’t respond, he quietly leaves. How great is that? 😀

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