One Photo Focus July

Stacy hosts the One Photo Focus over at Visual Venturing.   We all work from the same photo and edit it in our own way. Then Stacy does all the work of bringing them together for a visual feast.  This month’s photo was taken by Robin Kent.

one photo focus julyI didn’t know where to go with this.  I took a look around the photo on zoom but it wasn’t suitable for any close cropping since it’s taken at quite a distance.  Looking at the photo I found the people on the left distracting, causing my eye to bounce back and forth between them and the woman on the right.  So I cloned them out along with the fencing on the right.  I played with the power curves and arrived at something close to this. Because I changed the lighting so drastically, the shadows on the right were no longer appropriate so I removed them, as shown below..

one photo focus july SLNever one to know when I’m finished I went into Photoscape, lowered the gamma rays further and added a reflection.  one photo focus july SL ps

Didn’t really like that so much so I cropped it, which is how I gained some additional space at the bottom of the image,  added a moon, and a shadow on the person.  It took several trials and lots of errors to get what I felt was a balance between the sky and the ground.

one photo focus july SL ps crop SL2

19 thoughts on “One Photo Focus July

      1. I know I’m the same about photoshop it just seems such a monumental effort and time….I’m using an ipad app at the moment but always on the lookout for something quick and easy for my pc….

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  1. I love your night-time interpretation of Robin’s scene, Lynne (and admire your skills to be able to bring it to life!) I enjoyed seeing your “throwaway” with the reflection – cool effect – but in the end, I love your final edit. And that shadow on the person is fantastic!!

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