The Hedgerow – Week 4

Robyn hosts the one four challenge at Robyn’s Fine Art – take one of our own photos and edit it four ways over the course of the month.  My photo for this month – a shot of our hedgerow in the winter and my intent is to explore the tools in Sagelight to change my photos into painterly images.

ORIGINALLast week I used the oil filter in Sagelight to help me towards an oil painting effect.  I made adjustments to it but nonetheless I did apply that filter to get me started.  This week I refrained from using it and tried to make my own way.  I started with adjusting the colour and setting the grey balance,

DSCN0545 6a colour grey balI used the clone tool to take out the back line of dark trees because it tended to come up worm-like in subsequent changes.  I wasn’t too fussy with this step, just wanted to open up the right side.

DSCN0545 6b colour grey bal cloneNext I applied a plastic filter to give the lines a somewhat brush-stroke appearance.

DSCN0545 6c colour grey bal clone plasticIt might have been beneficial to stop the quest for a painterly feel with the plastic filter (above) but I continued and applied a glass filter.  At some point I might go back to the above image and proceed from there, but not today.

DSCN0545 6e colour grey bal clone plastic glass undoI used the undo brush to lighten that effect in some areas.

DSCN0545 6d colour grey bal clone plastic glassThen I did further adjustments to the vibrancy and blended the tones.DSCN0545 6h colour grey bal clone plastic glass undo vibrance tone blender clone adjI made some final adjustments to the cloning on the right side, the contrast and tone (again) and this is my final result.  I’d prefer a better cloning job but that’s me being a bit sloppy, not the program.  No actual brush stroke effects like when using the oil filter but … who knows, maybe I’ll get better at it. 🙂

DSCN0545 6h colour grey bal clone plastic glass undo vibrance tone blender clone adj

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These are my four results for this month.

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18 thoughts on “The Hedgerow – Week 4

  1. Great job, Lynne….and loads of valuable learning. Alas, I have neither the patience or the eyesight to do this kind of ‘in-depth’ experimentation (ie I am envious!)

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  2. I think you did an AWESOME job this week, Lynne! I like your own personal version “oil paint” effect better than the program’s! Great job.


  3. I really enjoy exploring the software too Lynne – using the built in stuff as well as the plug ins. I think you learn lots exploring the program itself.
    I like your result once again this week and for me, it has a slightly abstract feel to it.
    My fave of all is week 3, but as usual I enjoy all of your explorations 😀

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    1. I’m glad you liked it. It’s interesting to play around with all the gizmos and sliders. I’ll keep working at this technique … course, … each image will be different and require different approaches … oh my, there’s a long road ahead 😉

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  4. I feel like all the presets or filters you used in weeks 1,2, and 3 were just warm ups to week 4. What a beauty. I can see where you might want to clean it up or re-do some spots, but overall, a great job!

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