16 thoughts on “All the colours of the rainbow

    1. 🙂 Hi, Tina. Playing paid off. I’m always reluctant to give up on a photo … hence, my archives are full and I am in the process of culling and backing up … oy, what a job.


    1. Hi Janet. I did this edit a little while ago and I used Fotosketcher for the painterly effect. Lately I’ve been experimenting on trying to achieve similar effects on my own, but this one is Fotosketcher, a free download.


          1. I just downloaded it and I’m glad it’s for Windows so I can use it on my laptop, where I do most of my editing. I know lots of people edit on their phones but everything is so small there!!


    1. I had a slightly blurred photo. The woman was out of focus so I painterly-ized it 🙂 and, yes, while the colours aren’t altered, they ARE brighter. Thanks for the comment, Sue.

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