ABFriday – Tunnel Vision

Stacy hosts the After/Before Friday on Visual Venturing – we take one of our own photos and show the original and our edit.  I took this photo in Montreal’s underground tunnels because I like this kind of perspective shot.

DSCN1047 8x6

Very ho hum. And here is an earlier version I had attempted, not sure what software I used (but not Sagelight) and this is apparently as much as I was capable of at the time.  I think I prefer the original over this version. DSCN1047 bw 8X6

So my goal was simply to enhance the lines of the perspective in hopes of giving it some ooomph. First step was to straighten it :).  Then using Sagelight I worked the lighting using the power curve and various slider controls; upped the definition with HD effects, reverted to black and white.  Tweak, tweak, tweak, and now I had too much grit in the floor so I used a smoothing plug-in very lightly just on the floor and said stop.   Is it a favourite image?  Probably not.  Did I ooomph it?  I think so.  Is it better?  You tell me.

DSCN1047 SL 8X6

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17 thoughts on “ABFriday – Tunnel Vision

  1. You have definitely improved upon the sense of depth to the tunnel and I love the play of light and shadow on the ceiling!


  2. Hi, Lynne! The final edit has a cool, futuristic vibe to it that definitely highlights the tonal range and all those wonderful lines and angles. I like it better than the closed shadows and dark vignette of the second. Funny, I have had a shot of my three kids walking down a similar tunnel at our local airport that I’ve loved for all the same reasons this one struck a chord with you – I just haven’t yet unlocked the “magic” to make it into something I really like. You’ve given me the urge to revisit it now 🙂


    1. Thank you, Stacy. I love how long perspective shots can draw you right into the image. Accenting those lines did give a futuristic feel, for whatever reason I’m not sure. 😉


  3. I actually like the original edit over the new one. Although the vignette is too strong in the original I prefer the over tones. The half solarization and over strong curves have lead to haloing in the people in the distance and the flattening of tones in the floor.


  4. A very nice picture Lynne, well composed, I love the lines in it. What an amazing tunnel, the way the shadows overlap on the walls to create the diamond pattern is beautiful, your last edit really brings these out. 🙂


  5. I like the most recent version. The vignette effect in the first edit was too strong, in my opinion. But the second edit eliminated that and the additional work gave a much greater sense of depth. Nicely done.


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