The Hedgerow- Week 1

Robyn hosts the one four challenge at Robyn’s Fine Art – take one of our own photos and edit it four ways over the course of the month.  My photo for this month – a shot of our hedgerow in the winter.  This month I want to develop skills to turn my photographs into painterly images.  Sagelight has a number of tools with infinite variables that I want to explore in varying combinations to see what I can produce, to make the effects my own without having to resort to Fotosketcher and other such programs.  I have found Fotosketcher very useful but, I want to expand my range.

DSCN0545 8x6

For this week I started with adjusting the level of detail using the power details in HD.  Then I went into Edges and moved slilders around until I found something that pleased me. I adjusted the colour and, called a halt to this week. This one was as straightforward as it sounds – there are levels of adjustment in each phase which are done to personal taste but it didn’t take me long to produce. I’ll call this my coloured pencil version. Next week I’ll try for a different medium. DSCN0545 1-detail edges colour 8x6

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8 thoughts on “The Hedgerow- Week 1

  1. This is definitely a coloured pencil version Lynne and I think etching suits it too.
    Another lovely subject to experiment with this month – will be wonderful in different mediums. Looking forward to your processes Lynne 😃


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