Horse Guards Week 4

Robyn at Captivate Me hosts the One Four Challenge – one of our own photos four different ways over the course of the month, on Mondays.

This is my photo for the month – it was taken during the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.  This will be about searching for the images within the photo.  I’ll try to get four good crops out of this and then play with them in hopes of producing four interesting images from the one photo.DSCN4693 Kungliga slottet Royal Palace 8X6

I must admit I had difficulty finding a fourth crop.  My original hope was that I would be able to go to the four quadrants of the image and find something interesting.  However, the upper left quad did not pop anything so I returned to the bottom right for this last image.  My usual steps – adjusted the lighting and the level of detail after which I found I needed to sharpen the image a bit. I used the dodge and burn to push his companion into shadow.  DSCN4693 Kungliga slottet Royal Palace sl4 EYE2

So these are my four images from the one photo starting with the original and running in order through week 1 to week 4.

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10 thoughts on “Horse Guards Week 4

  1. Lynne, Ive really enjoyed watching you draw images from this image. This week again has a real painterly feel. I like that. Hard to choose, but week 2 is my fave. I like the crop, the results with the median filter and the mood that this creates…and again the lovely painted feel.

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  2. Great work getting 4 edits out of this image. This last week is always such a challenge! My favorite is the horses walking towards the viewer, not sure what week that is. It is a really nice perspective.

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  3. This is such a neat idea to pull out different crops from one image, and you did a great job as I like all four versions! 😀 I suppose you could have zeroed in on the other brass-instrument player (Baritone ?), but I”m glad you picked the horse instead.

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    1. Thank you, Nic. Course, finding images within images means I have a MOUNTAIN of photos to organize, which I happen to be trudging through right now. Thanks for your encouraging comments.

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  4. Great ending with the focus squarely on a single horse’s head. Really like your approach this month. Weeks 2 & 3 interpretations are my favourites… can decide between them but really like the splash of blue in the 3rd which lifts the whole image.


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