Horse Guards Week 2

Robyn at Captivate Me hosts the One Four Challenge – one of our own photos four different ways over the course of the month, on Mondays.

This is my photo for the month – it was taken during the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.  This will be about searching for the images within the photo.  I’ll try to get four good crops out of this and then play with them in hopes of producing four interesting images from the one photo.DSCN4693 Kungliga slottet Royal Palace 8X6

 Week two involved a lot of cloning.  After making my crop and adjusting the lighting on the horses,  I used the median filter on the background and then adjusted the shapes, lights and darks using the cloning tool. I liked the resulting effect with the blue above and the blurred movement around the horses feet. I then realized I needed to remove the rider from the horse since he was only half there and his tuba was a messy distraction.  I went back in again using the cloning tool and removed  the rider.  Now I have a horse with harness and reins, and no rider.  I cropped in a little tighter to make this less apparent and highlight the focus which is their heads.  And I’m stopping there.  DSCN4693 Kungliga slottet Royal Palace SL2 PAINT edit again crop 8x6

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23 thoughts on “Horse Guards Week 2

  1. Great edit, Lynne – I love the painterly effect, the colours, the whole mood of the image. I’m going to have to look into the median filter some time!


  2. It is SO like a painting in the works.
    Lynne, you inspire me every time! I would not have thought to crop this way.. It is inspired! Love the textures the Median tool gives. What is the Median tool? It has great effect!!
    Very pleasing second version 😀😀

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    1. Thank you, Robyn. I use Sagelight and the median filter breaks the photo up, sort of. The degree is controllable with a slider and I have been having a lot of fun with it lately. It is what contributes to the painterly feel which I particularly like so now I don’t have to revert to the standard tools out there that do a one stop oil painting effect, or watercolour or whatever. I like having the ability to create it myself, making each one a bit unique. I don’t know if it’s a standard sort of filter found in other editing programs or not … ?

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      1. Thanks so much Lynne – I found it in PS. Its under the noise filters. Going to have a play, with inspiration from you. Thank you! 😃
        Yes I agree.. the more and more I do things myself, the harder it is to revert to plugins etc.

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