ABFriday: Venice

DSC00483 Venice Chiesa di San Salvatore edit SL2 8x6

Chiesa di San Salvatore in Venice

Stacy sponsors ABFriday at Visual Venturing

My original photo (below) was underexposed and overrun with tourists but the door to this church was magnificent.  I wanted to highlight it and play down the unavoidable people.  I cropped it, despite that wonderful lighting at the top of the door and then used paint to eliminate some of people.  I adjusted the light, and then adjusted the threshold.  I then went back in and brought the door back up.  There were probably some other adjustments along the way which I have forgotten.  You know how it is – try this, try that and then forget what you keep and what you overwrite.    DSC00483 Venice Chiesa di San Salvatore Campo S Salvador 8x6

15 thoughts on “ABFriday: Venice

  1. Lynne, I love what you have done! First, technically I am blown away by how you removed the people so effectively. Second, I love the posterization effect; it lends itself perfectly to the historical and romantic place that Venice is. And third, the combination of all absolutely does draw my eye right to that gorgeous door. Wonderful “after” photo!


  2. Wow, great job removing all those people. I’m glad you kept the woman at the top of the stairs though, I like the way she is sitting in contemplation. 🙂


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