Photo Editing: One Photo Focus: The Porch

Stacy’s provides the photo and we give our interpretation.

This is the original photo -obviously centre stage goes to the tree and vines but I found the chairs on the porch interesting – I love porches.

April one foto focus 8x6So I cropped it down to some interesting lines –April one foto focus_editedAnd I took it into Paint and made some changes – April one foto focus_edited paintAnd then in Sagelight I aged it and added a median filter and stopped.  In this nostalgic scene I can almost see the comings and goings of those who sat here.
April one foto focus paint age medfilterStacy’s One Foto Focus

Original photo by Cee


19 thoughts on “Photo Editing: One Photo Focus: The Porch

  1. Okay, I am crazy about what you did here, Lynne! You took it one step further than I did, and truly focused on those wonderful chairs. Adding the beautiful filter just enhanced the scene even more! Love it, love it, love it 😀


    1. Thank you! Stacy. After I saw yours I thought perhaps I might have had a wider crop because I really liked your treatment of it. As you’ve said, although we were going in a similar direction they are still different and individual.

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  2. I like the feeling you got from this photo. I never thought of cropping it to just the chairs. You are so right there are a lot of lines and shapes to play with. Thanks for participating.

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