One Four Challenge March Week 4

One Four Challenge Week 4

This is my photo for this month.  Using Sagelight,  I’m going to try to have this image tell a different story each week.DSCN4074 8x6

For this week’s image, I aged the photo, used the posterize feature and applied a filter.  Although this image is dark I don’t find it threatening as in week 1, probably because of the warm overtone to it.  And the man at the end of the arches does not seem threatening.   Perhaps a one word description for this one would be mellow.

Week 4 – MellowDSCN4074 SL vintage posterize 8x6

Week 3 – Awakening

DSCN4074 SL wide glow dodge tonebluered tonenewshard paintimplant 8x6

Week 2 -Nostalgia
elderly woman walking in colonnade

Week 1 – Ominous

DSCN4074 SL vignette wideglow thresh invert 8x6

One Four Challenge for March – hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me


25 thoughts on “One Four Challenge March Week 4

  1. Lynne, hello 😃 Finally made it!
    I have so enjoyed this series again this month. Your approach is also very appealing to me. This last week with its touch of grunge and golden tones is fabulous. Very eye catching!
    Nostalgia I think, is my favourite with its other worldly feel, as though the person is going to walk through the arch into the great beyond.
    Always inspiring Lynne 😃😃

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  2. Yes this works REALLY well, the different tones and the grunge even out the image and the person looking at the other end is a real focal point now. Nice job!


  3. I really loved week 1 for the whole challenge but week four has added twist. I like the warm tones and grungy texture that make me think of weeks ones image after being left unkept and discovered later. Nice series of images for this months challenge.

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  4. These are wonderful, Lynne. I was particularly struck by Mellow for its detail in the lanterns and by Nostalgia for its contrasts and simplicity. Great series and post-processing.


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