One Four Challenge March Week 3

This is my photo for this month.  Using Sagelight,  I’m going to try to have this image tell a different story each week.DSCN4074 8x6

Week 2 I tried for a nostalgic feel, lost in personal reverie where the rest of the world fades into muffled silence …
elderly woman walking in colonnade

This week with only one modification it speaks to me of a different story.  Of having traveled a difficult time, perhaps of grief or loss or depression, and finally seeing your way home.  It’s a walk perhaps many of us have taken – I have.

This is Week 3- Awakening
DSCN4074 SL wide glow dodge tonebluered tonenewshard paintimplant 8x6

Week 1 – OminousDSCN4074 SL vignette wideglow thresh invert 8x6

One Four Challenge for March – hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me

27 thoughts on “One Four Challenge March Week 3

  1. I love the story of this week’s edit. The figure standing in the light at the end of the tunnel has a much more positive role, this time. I almost get the sense that he’s waiting there for her. 🙂

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  2. I missed this last week and in comparison to this weeks I find I prefer Wk 2 – the very bright over exposed light at the end with the other person totally distracts you away from the shapes of the arches, and because you havent edited the end image the same way it doesnt match the tonings either. I see the concept tho 🙂


    1. HI – thank you for your input. If you see the concept then it’s working for me 🙂 as my intent was to convey the person’s emergence from a muffled, introspective place back to reality. I agree with you that the image is now unbalanced though, but my intent was with the story the image could tell.


    1. HI, Ben. I’m not sure if I understand your comment – do you think the bit of colour contributes to what I am trying to convey this week … or not. I’m interested in your take on it.


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