One Four Challenge March Week 2

This is my photo for this month.  Using Sagelight,  I’m going to try to have this image tell a different story each week.DSCN4074 8x6

Using the same crop as last week, I softened the architecture of the colonnade, used dodge and burn to remove the man at the end of the arches and adjusted the tones using Sagelights tone blender.   For me this image brings to mind an elderly woman lost in her own world of muffled silence and dreams past – a nostalgic feel is perhaps a one word synopsis.  We all apply our own subjective viewpoint when looking at images but I’d like to know if you get a similar sense from this image.

Week 2 – Nostalgia
elderly woman walking in colonnade

Week 1 – OminousDSCN4074 SL vignette wideglow thresh invert 8x6

One Four Challenge for March – hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me

26 thoughts on “One Four Challenge March Week 2

  1. I really like this! The purity of the light and the softness of the arches gives it a dreamy, slightly otherworldly effect while the silhouette of the woman and the line of lamps anchors it to a more material setting. Wonderful. 🙂

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  2. I like how just, brightening up the picture you have completely changed the scene. I like the blown out highlights and it adds to this idea of memory, as you walk along in your memory there are black spaces you don’t remember.


  3. Really great edit. I like the softness to the background and arches, almost painted…then the figure is clear, like they have just walked into the painting. Really eye-catching.


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