One Four Challenge Feb Week 4

This is the photo I am going to use this month.  Each week I’m going to begin with some sort of distortion of this photo and see if I can produce an interesting and pleasing artistic image.

035 Gatineau

For week 4 I again began with a polar coordinates distortion which I compounded by repeating it several times until something I liked emerged.

035 Gatineau SL polar 4 SL edit

I quite liked this but continued to experiment.  I used a plug-in to smooth the image, adjusted the colours and added a texture.  I like this final undefined image because it doesn’t look like anything in particular but is, to me at least, a pleasing balance and division of shape and tones.

This is the result for week 4 – Abstract Balance

035 Gatineau SL polar 4 SL plug in textgrain frame

But I ended up with more than 4 versions … here are a few more  Comments welcome – I’d love to know your preference and there is a poll at the bottom of the post.

035 Gatineau SL polar smooth sl paint textburlap 8x6

Textural contrasts

035 Gatineau SL polar 2 sl threshold frame

Graffiti035 Gatineau SL polar SL threshold textbrick red frame

Week 3 – Waterfall035 07 Gatineau edit plugin medfilter liquify glow liq dodge liq dodge 8x6


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Week 2 – Sunset

035 Gatineau SL polar 3 zoom colour SL textsandstone liquify horizon frame

Week 1 – Abstract Universe
035 Gatineau SL polar SL crop 8x6One Four Challenge Feb Week 4 – hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me


23 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Feb Week 4

  1. Made it Lynne 😃
    This was such fun and such an interesting experiment – resulting in an amazing and varied series of images. I like each of them – they are so wonderfully textural. My favourite though is waterfall. It grabs my attention. Wonderful!! 😃

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  2. Very interesting experiments you conducted here, and each one is so distinct! 🙂 For me my choice was between Week 4 & Week 1. Wk 1 looks to me like a nest and coupled with the title I like the idea, or vision or the “abstract universe” as a nest; something that is a safe haven, a hatching ground, and yet not necessarily neat or orderly.

    Then I like Week 4 Abstract Balance because it’s so artistic and it reminds me of something I would see on someone’s wall, a nice piece of texture. Plus I like the contrast of the right side lacking in color. You wonder what each person passing it will make of the monochrome.

    Well done stretching your creativity to great lengths. 😀

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      1. 🙂 I am grateful for the opportunities we all provide each other to reflect, introspect, analyze, critique, observe, witness, experience and more. Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoy my reasoning. 😉

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  3. Wow Lynne! Did you get Photoshop? You are so talented! I LOVED the waterfall. So nice to see your site. I’ve thought of you often here lately and wondered how you were doing. Hope you are well. Going to peruse some of your other posts.


    1. So nice to hear from you. And congrats on your new blog – I just took a look. All I have is PS Elements 8 and a lot of that I can’t understand, although I did use it on the waterfall. Thank you for your lovely comments. And oddly, I was thinking of you this week although I’m not sure what prompted it.


  4. I love the different outcomes from the original image. Very imaginative! I choose the sunset version… love the bright colors, although the waterfall was a close second for me. I also really like the slide show showing the transformation process.


  5. A marvellous set of abstracts from a single image! I must say, I liked your week 3 but I also love the fine texture in this latest…can’t choose just one 😄


  6. Hmmmm, I like the texture contrast, the waterfall and the abstract universe that looks like a nest 🙂
    Sorry, I couldn’t decide on just one.
    And I must thank you – it was noticing your posts on this challenge, that I started to participate myself. I LOVE it – the push to try different processing methods and the feedback are great!

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