One Four Challenge Feb Week 3

This is the photo I am going to use this month.

035 Gatineau

Each week I’m going to begin with some sort of distortion of this photo and see if I can produce an interesting and pleasing artistic image.

For week three I began in Sagelight with a plug-in to smooth the image and then applied a median filter.  In PS Elements 8 I distorted it using polar to rectangle and rotated it 90 degrees

 I applied poster edges, liquified it and played with it and added soft focus to the ‘water’ areas.  I continued to adjust using liquefy, vibrancy and dodge and burn to adjust colour, movement and contrast

I applied median filter again to the water to make it softer and more flowing and lastly, applied a canvas texture.   This is the result for Week 3

035 Gatineau edit plugin medfilter liquify glow liq dodge liq dodge text 8x6

035 Gatineau edit plugin medfilter liquify glow liq dodge liq dodge text 8x6

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  This is the result for week 2

035 Gatineau SL polar 3 zoom colour SL textsandstone liquify horizon frame

Here is week one.035 Gatineau SL polar SL crop 8x6

I began with a polar coordinates distortion 035 Gatineau SL polar

I liked the stark split of dark and light and decided to work with that.  I cropped it and then used the power box controls in Sagelight to blend the light, added a soft focus, because I like it, and played with the tone blender controls.  To give more balance to the composition I used the dodge and burn to darken the lower right quadrant.  I intensified the blue and adjusted the other colours aiming for a nice balance.  Using the vignette controls I practically blacked out the lower left quadrant and declared it finished, for this week.   For  me there is the sense of looking into the blue beyond, into a hidden galaxy.

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One Four Challenge Feb Week 3 – hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me


20 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Feb Week 3

  1. Each week I get to wander the creative journey with you, thank you for sharing this. It is so interesting to see the original image turn into a new beautiful artwork each week. I love this weeks waterfall feel, nice colors and easy flow to the image. Beautiful!

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  2. Wow, Lynne – What a transformation! It is fantastic. I can’t believe it all started from that original image. This week’s interpretation now looks like a waterfall to my eyes and is my favourite of the 3!


  3. Amazing outcome with the liquify function! Every time I use it, the outcome is not nearly as nice. Then again, it never occurred to me to rotate the image after the fact either. Thanks for the mini-lesson with such a lovely effect.

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