One Four Challenge Feb Week 1

This is the photo I am going to use this month.

035 Gatineau

Each week I’m going to begin with some sort of distortion of this photo and see if I can produce an interesting and pleasing artistic image.   Here is week one.035 Gatineau SL polar SL crop 8x6

I began with a polar coordinates distortion 035 Gatineau SL polar

I liked the stark split of dark and light and decided to work with that.  I cropped it and then used the power box controls in Sagelight to blend the light, added a soft focus, because I like it, and played with the tone blender controls.  To give more balance to the composition I used the dodge and burn to darken the lower right quadrant.  I intensified the blue and adjusted the other colours aiming for a nice balance.  Using the vignette controls I practically blacked out the lower left quadrant and declared it finished, for this week.   For  me there is the sense of looking into the blue beyond, into a hidden galaxy.

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One Four Challenge Feb Week 1 – hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me


15 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Feb Week 1

  1. I totally see a birdnest here with an oddly shaped egg 🙂 Very different creative take on PP, I look forward to where it goes from here.


  2. Hi Lynne – Just like a bird, you’ve collected twigs and made a lovely nest! Well, that’s what I see in your image. By the way, I keep meaning to ask you about your colourful logo. It looks aboriginal… is it? Chris

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    1. Hello Chris – when you do the initial polar adjustment it definitely looks like a nest egg 🙂 My logo is digital art I did from a photo to go with my tag line – “from the right side of the brain”. It does resemble aboriginal art.

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