Photo Editing: One Four Challenge January week 4

I’m joining Robyn’s One Four Challenge this month – one photograph processed four different ways over the month.

This time I tried to change the time of day.  In Photoscape I used the linear gradient feature several times, to the top and to the bottom, layering until I got something approaching what I wanted.  In Sagelight I added HDR, adjusted the vibrancy and added a tint to tone and add variation to the yellow.  I tried various other things, none of which I was pleased with; this was the best I could come up with considering what I was attempting to do.  BUT, I did learn some new things during this whole exercise, which is what it’s all about, right?    Check the poll at the bottom of the post – I’d be interested in your response.

Week 4 – Dawnleft on stick 022 photoscape SL2 crop

Week 3 – Etched in Silverleft on stick 022 SL 3 8x6

Week 2 – Surrealistic

surreal landscape

Week 1: I just added some oomph to the image

Pointe du Grouin

Original image – taken at Pointe du Grouin on the coast of Brittany

left on stick 022

Considering my aim for each edit, which do you think was the most successful? 


26 thoughts on “Photo Editing: One Four Challenge January week 4

  1. A difficult choice and I was undecided between the lovely frosted quality of edit 3 and this week’s edit. In the end I voted for this week’s edit .. love the way you created this lovely golden dawn!

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  2. I liked what you experimented with for this week, but it felt very dark and heavy with all that foreground at the bottom. Given it was so blurry to be unidentifiable, personally I would have cropped the majority of it out, and given more focus to the sky maybe?


    1. Definitely a possibility. I think I cropped out the top of the photo a bit on this one. I kept the lower part in because I liked the greater sense of depth and of the (manufactured) sunrise moving across the landscape.


    1. Very kind, Victor, thank you. I rather agree with you. For keepers, I don’t usually like to push the images too much. I enjoyed this exercise as I explored the software more. I really appreciate your comment, Thank you.


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