Photo Editing: One Four Challenge January week 3

I’m joining Robyn’s One Four Challenge this month – one photograph processed four different ways over the month.

For Week 3 I am going with a monochrome.  I can’t remember every step I took in this because I tried so many things but primarily I played with the power curves, and vibrancy using Sagelight.  I also cropped the sides a bit to eliminate some effects that were happening there that detracted from the image.  I blew out the clouds, nice as they were, for a more serene landscape.  I moved from the photographic to the artistic, playing until I found something that caught my eye.  Looked at as a photograph there are some less than desirable effects here, such as the increased noise.  And the contrast is rather strong in the mid ground land mass.   However, artistically I find the varying tones interesting; I like the balance between the greatly detailed foreground and the blank sky and how the image is contained by the upper clouds; I think it’s a good composition.  The overall etched in silver effect intrigues me.

Week 3 – Etched in Silver

Week 3
Week 3

Week 2 – Surrealistic

surreal landscape

Week 1: I just added some oomph to the image

Pointe du Grouin

Original image – taken at Pointe du Grouin on the coast of Brittany

left on stick 022


25 thoughts on “Photo Editing: One Four Challenge January week 3

  1. It’s fun to see the different versions – the extra oomph is a little too much for me, The surrealistic one is fun, and the etched in silver one is interesting – the texture in the clouds with the texture in the grass –


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