Photo Editing: One Four Challenge January week 2

I’m joining Robyn’s One Four Challenge this month – one photograph processed four different ways over the month.

For week 2 I decided to aim for a  dawning-of-a-new-world look; to dramatize the scene from natural to the surreal. Using the original image I adjusted the power curve and took the image to the extreme dark side. Then I went into the HDR details where Sagelight has sliders affecting the HDR strength, blend, contrast, shadows, highlights, colour, definition and focus as well as the vibrancy, edginess, and noise.  I played with these until I arrived at something I liked. To help keep the eye in the frame I used the vignette selections to dim the right and left sides of the image only.  Lastly, I went in to the HDR effects and selected a surreal effect which I then adjusted to my liking.

This is my result for week 2 – Surreal – Dawning of a new world

surreal landscape

Here is week 1: I just added some oomph to the image

Pointe du Grouin

Original image – taken at Pointe du Grouin on the coast of Brittany

left on stick 022


26 thoughts on “Photo Editing: One Four Challenge January week 2

  1. Oooo I really like this week’s edit… so moody and saturated, nice job! I think this one also makes the light coming from the sky more obvious – there is a beam of light on the left side that reflects in the water. 🙂


  2. Although I like the idea of adding the HDR, for me it has half worked and half added some issues. The colours and contrast overall are great and atmospheric. Yet the HDR effect has added a lot of noise and artifacts in the sky as well as some saturation anomalies in the background.


    1. HI Ben – yes, I agree. I don’t usually push my images this far because it is so unrealistic. I was OK with the extra noise, particularly in the sky where I feel it adds to the atmosphere I was going for. I addressed some of the aturation anomalies, the ones I found particularly distracting. Others I felt contributed to the surrealist effect. I admire your work and appreciate your comments.

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  3. I love the sections of sunlight most of all Lynne! Very new-world. 🙂 I read in one of your comments elsewhere that you don’t use layers much; that’s unimaginable for me 🙂 and I admire what you’ve done here.


  4. Wow Lynne, this is fabulous!!!
    Like something you’d see on the cover of a fantasy novel.
    New world look achieved. Fantastic!!
    Such a lovely view (in real life too) 😜😃


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