Photo Editing: Major Make-Overs

Some photos require a major make-over.   Telephone wires, garbage cans, errant people.  Sometimes there is just no way to get the shot you want.  There were numerous things I wanted to change in the first photo below.  The parked cars, the pedestrian, the sign propped against the gate …  And I would have liked the gates to be closed.   But this was the best shot I got that day.  It is of the gates at the Circulo Militar in Plaza San Martin in Buenos Aires.    In these situations, I resort to plain, old Paint, the standard free Microsoft program.  My husband taught me how to use it and now no project is too big.   🙂

096 Circulo Militar, Plaza San MartinBelow, after editing in Paint

096 Circulo Militar, Plaza San Martin I then tweaked it in Sagelight

096 Circulo Militar, Plaza San Martin edit SL 8X6_edited




13 thoughts on “Photo Editing: Major Make-Overs

  1. That’s quite a heavy make over, well done! 🙂
    It’s nice to see what can be done by a skilled artist and I always appreciate if people openly declare when a shot has been altered in order to get the vision they had when taking the photo.


  2. Very clever flipping both door before copying them to the left side. You are a master editor young lady! This took a good amount of time considering how little of the sidewalk you had to work with. Even Content Aware Fill in Photoshop would have been difficult to use on the original.


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