Photo Editing: One Four Challenge January week 1

I’m joining Robyn’s One Four Challenge this month – one photograph processed four different ways over the month.  Here is week 1:

Pointe du GrouinThis was taken at Pointe du Grouin on the coast of Brittany.  The light was thrilling that day – I nearly knocked my sister down trying to get some shots before it changed  🙂    The original is below – you can see I gave it a bit more ooomph.  In Sagelight I used the HDR power details to bring up the light.  I didn’t like what it did to the water so I reduced the effect with the Undo brush set at 20.  I also needed to adjust the green which was over-bright which I did using the colour select mask and just desaturated it a bit.

left on stick 022


33 thoughts on “Photo Editing: One Four Challenge January week 1

  1. A beautiful image of my home country! I love the original, but also like what you have done to quieten the sky and give a peaceful, dreamy look to La Pointe du Grouin! Nicely done.


    1. Hello Wade. I think you looked at the shots in reverse. The top one is my edited version and the lower less detailed one is the original but either way, I appreciate your comment. 🙂 I have visited your home country several times and loved it each time. I have a great affinity for the wonderful ambiance of southern France.


  2. The details in the sky/clouds really transform with your edits, I love those clouds! And the subtle hints of color in the grasses are gorgeous too. There is a beautiful flow to this image, I am going to look forward to your edits as the weeks progress. Gorgeous first week!


  3. Hey Lynne and welcome to the challenge, lovely image, I am always a sucker for a dramatic sky and you did a lovely job with that and with adjusting the colour tones. I know what you mean about the excitement of being in a fabulous place, if I was in Brittany I would be so damn excited 🙂


  4. If you haven’t tried it you might love NIK Software’s Vivesa 2 plug-in filters for Photoshop, Elements or Lightroom. It allows a dozen corrections in user selected areas of any photo, making changes that only affect the areas you determine. No masking or layers required. I use it on nearly every photo I process. I shoot RAW.


    1. I looked at NIK when I was trying out products but I found it cumbersome and not user friendly, at least to me. I’ve never been able to understand PS even though I’ve tried. I love Sagelight because it thinks like I do 🙂 and with the sliders and ability to layer techniques I find the possibilities endless.


  5. Hello Lynne and welcome to the One Four Challenge 🙂
    So glad you’re joining us!

    Gosh I laughed when you said you nearly knocked your sister down… I can so relate – getting excited about beautiful light 🙂
    This is a beautiful view and a lovely image and I’ve very much enjoyed your edits for this first week of January.
    Happy New Year!!


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