win badgeFollowing on “I Digress …”, I’m going to continue, I think, to intersperse my photo focus with writing –  short excerpts from the volumes I’ve written.  Comments and feedback welcome.


A small group of nervous, giggling girls,  we didn’t venture much past the entrance to the basement social room.  It was large, and mostly empty, chairs sat around the perimeter just waiting to make wall flowers of some unfortunate souls.  There we hovered, standing on more than just the threshold of the dance floor, trying in vain not to look as awkward as we felt.   Three older boys seemed to be running the show, setting up the record player and sorting the selected albums and 45’s.

We took furtive looks at these boys, my eyes sweeping passed the tall handsome blond one who was to be my future husband and lighting upon the tall, good-looking, dark-haired one.  Having set everything to their liking – the music was up, the lights were dimmed, as much as Reverend Martin would allow – these charmers headed towards our anxious group.   Of all the girls I could have been hovering with, it had to be Ann, my nemesis, and here was the tall dark one heading towards the two of us.   I prepared to die rather than live the anguish of being left standing there alone.  No one was more surprised than I when I stepped on to the dance floor with Terry.  I had just met my first boyfriend.


4 thoughts on “Threshold

  1. WHAT! You don’t think I’m paying attention? I have read everyone of of your BTB postings since we last saw you and Gra. Hope all is well with both of you and the rest of the gang from way back when. Those are fond memories but, the tall blond guy won out in the long run! However that is good for all of us. Love reading your recollections, travel experiences, art and photo submissions and reviews. Keep up the excellent work. TERRY

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    1. I wondered if I’d hear from you on this one 😉 If my little bit brought the memories flooding back, that’s good right? Now I wonder if I’ll hear from Terry.


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