A-Z Challenge (again): E

I’m back again for another round of A-Z challenge but, wanting to add a personal challenge to the challenge, I am going to concentrate on signs this time – pretty signs, interesting signs, funny signs … whatever.

street photography

Cornwall, Ontario

Station stops on our way up to the top of Jungfrau, Switzerland


6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge (again): E

  1. the forlorn ENTER sign in Ontario on the abandoned factory wall struck my heart – more than any proud mountain landscape in the Switzerland – maybe my childhood environment was like the one in Ontario – I lived near a slaughterhouse where cows and calves, sheep and lambs cried all day. I heard the eat cheese and chocolate in Switzerland.


    1. I can’t imagine growing up listening to those cries. I don’t think I cold have stood it. There aren’t many abandoned buildings in and around the area – I caught that one in a parking lot.


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