I digress …

I didn’t know what I was going to blog about when I started but it has morphed itself into a focus on photography.  HOWever, I enjoy writing and when not tinkering with my images I write.  Today I am following the lead of the Daily Post writing challenge: memoir madness.  This is an extract  I shall title …


During the evening, gripped by a strange nostalgia for a time and place I had not much enjoyed, I left the dance floor and strolled the dimly lit hallways, the music and the frivolity fading away.  I found myself in the upstairs foyer where the tall windows provided views to the residential street outside. The significance of the night was not lost on me and it seemed these panes of glass were all that protected me, all that stood between me and the whole scary world beyond that was silently waiting; the symbolic barrier between the security of my youth and the vast world of my future.  Not knowing what it contained was both exhilarating and daunting.  A huge gate was about to open and I knew I had to pass through, yet I didn’t know where it would take me and I had no directions and no map.

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