A-Z Challenge (again): D

I’m back again for another round of A-Z challenge but, wanting to add a personal challenge to the challenge, I am going to concentrate on signs this time – pretty signs, interesting signs, funny signs … whatever.

Tintagel 563 sign dangerTintagle, Cornwall, England

And this one, posted previously, seen at 35,000 feet out the passenger window …


12 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge (again): D

  1. Great interpretation for the challenge Lynne! You do it so well! 😀
    I had to giggle at the second sign. Thanks for the smiles. ♥ Hugs ♥


  2. Interesting interpretation of the challenge Lynne. I’ve ducked out so far this round, been travelling, but maybe time to dedicate myself back to it.


  3. your last photo choice made me smile; I always wanted to walk on the wings too during a flight, to have a better sight watching those cloud-mountains – now I know, I’m not alone, many signs are necessary to keep the wings clean from dirty footsteps


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