architecture paris

Photo Editing: Composition

I usually take time to frame my shot before I take it, giving a good look at the viewer to see if what I have is what I want.  Yet, very often I find a judicial crop improves the image.  I chose these examples to show the value of edges and the strong lines they produce and which can make, or break a composition.   In each case I also limited the range of colour to place more focus on the image created by the edges.

In cropping this image I ensured that the diagonal lines did not exit at the corners of the frame  – generally speaking, avoiding this makes a more pleasing image.

architecture parisThis image has the added feature of stark contrast of light and dark coupled with straight and curved edges.

architecture Stockholm

 In this one I liked the meandering, angular line the building draws against the sky and the dark rectangles are additional interest.

architecture OttawaThis image taken by my husband demonstrates the interest inherent in lost and found edges, strong lines that transform to blend in.

Rome Spanish Steps Inspired by Cee’s fun foto challenge on Edges

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