A-Z Challenge: R

I’m taking a different tack this time.  The actual letter will be found somewhere in the photo, part of the design and composition itself, not within any printed words that may also be found in the photo.

DSCN2235 Amalienborg 8x6


  Frizztext’s A-Z challenge

For my other entries to this challenge see Frizztext A-Z challenge in my tag cloud hidden at the top of the page – click on the symbol under the black bar at the top of the page


11 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: R

    1. I’m glad you stopped to smell the roses, Frizz 🙂 I admit this one was a little more obscure because “R: is a little more difficult to find naturally occurring in an image! 🙂


  1. All I could see at first was/were!! “C’s” all over the place, but with a bit of a prompt from the community I get it….A challenge within a challenge each week Lynne


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