street photography Montmartre Paris

Close-up in the City

Street photography is a new subject of interest for me.  What I find most intriguing is the capture of a split second in time, which is so much more apparent on the streets than it is in landscape photography.   I love the ‘freeze frame’ aspect of it, capturing people in mid-step, with a smile, or a grimace, looking at the camera or talking to a friend,  so now I am snap happy in the streets and less so with the Eiffel Towers and Trevi Fountains of the cities I visit.

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

street photography La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Montmartre, Paris

street photography Montmartre Paris

St. Petersburg, Russia

street photography St Petersburg Russia

Kohtu Street, Tallinn, Estonia

street photography Tallinn Estonia

Ottawa, Ontario

street photography Byward Market OttawaAilsa’s Travel Theme is: Close-up

18 thoughts on “Close-up in the City

    1. I avoid getting in anybody’s face – the closer shots are usually zoomed in during processing and often my shots are of people walking away from me but where once I waited for the piazza to clear, I now find that people can add so much to a shot. All of us out in public have a reasonable expectation of being photographed these days, what with traffic and security cams everywhere and my shots are usually no different than what they could capture.


  1. Absolutely stunning shots and tones Lynne! That is the only way I love capturing people, if and when I do. I don’t like them posing either. Thanks for sharing these beauties. 😀


  2. I completely understand, Lynne. It is fun to see the big monuments but I think the true feeling of a city comes from watching how the people walk and live their lives in the streets.


    1. Yes,I always try to make a point of walking around a new city, as well as riding local transport such as buses and subway. Thank you for the comment, Lisa.


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