Family Treasure

I am interested in our family history, and in fact self-published a book about our family – “Who ARE These People?”.  I had an excellent start on the stories from several different sources, one of which is a journal written by my great grandmother about the first twenty years of my grandmother’s life.  Written in her own spidery hand, difficult to decipher in passages, it is informative about their life and times from 1890 to 1910.   Below is the first entry in the journal in which she speaks about the birth of her daughter.

pg.1 cropMy great grandmother, Alice Isabel Blanche Pentecost, with her daughter, Marion Blanche Bagley, and my mother, Margaret Marion Laird, c. 1922

Pentecost Alice Blanche with daughter Marion and granddaughter Peggy LairdThe weekly photo challenge is: Letters


4 thoughts on “Family Treasure

  1. Wonderful choice. A good friend just wrote a book based on the journals of his family members back 5 generations. He must have had 100 journals to work from and there were MANY scandalous stories. Reading them he learned about a half-brother he didn’t know existed and has become good friends with his son (his brother had already died). His cover photo (which I did for him) is a basket full of all of the journals back to the early 1800s. I found the idea fascinating but sadly no journals from my own family. Well done.


    1. What marvelous reading it must have been, Tina! Too often we have a photo or two and before long the name that goes with the photo is lost and the photo becomes worthless. To also have the stories, the little pieces that bring our ancestors to life, is a wonderful gift.


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