Travel Theme Clean

When I was in the Falkland Islands I remarked (more than once) on the sky.  It somehow seemed higher, brighter, and more expansive.  I took over a hundred pictures of that sky. Perhaps I should be embarrassed to say that 😉     The Falklands are about 800 miles north of the northern tip of Antarctica and I wondered if there was an effect of light bouncing off the Antarctic snow and ice. Or perhaps there is less pollution to cloud the air way down there where the South Atlantic begins to mix with the Southern Ocean.   Whatever the cause, the overall effect was light and clean and fresh.

seascape and sky in the Falklandssea and sky in the Falklands370 Stanley Harbour 367 Stanley Harbour

Ailsa’s travel theme is: Clean


24 thoughts on “Travel Theme Clean

  1. That’s very interesting – I think you may be right – it could be the effect of all that ice, water and open, unobstructed space. Certainly shows in the first photo!


  2. What a wonderful place to go. It does look incredibly clean. I live on the edge of the Southern Ocean in Australia – the air does seem cleaner than on the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic. The Falklands are much further south – the air must be really crisp


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