black and white yucca plant

Black and White: My Choice

I’ve been reviewing my photos lately looking for strong compositions with interesting shapes and good contrast and converting to them black and white, just to see what I get.   Since the category for Cee’s black and white challenge this week is open, I’ve gone with no theme and selected a few unrelated images.

26 thoughts on “Black and White: My Choice

  1. That’s a fun thing to do, and these are nice results – I like the boat very much, and the maple leaves and yucca (I KNEW that was a a yucca!). The maple leaves are interesting because you can’t quite tell which end is up, if you know what I mean.


    1. I’ll take votes, sure! Thanks for the input Robin. I suppose you are basking in sunshine … just to say, I’m not. 18″ of snow still outside the door and not a spot of colour anywhwere. 😦


        1. We usually still have snow at this time of year, but not as much – we usually get some thaws that keep in under control but this has been a cold winter – it was still only 5F this morning. Keeping warm involves layers, and wine 🙂


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