A-Z Challenge: L

I’m taking a different tack this time.  The actual letter will be found somewhere in the photo, part of the design and composition itself, not within any printed words that may also be found in the photo.streets of Montevideo Uruguay


white bridge in Rotterdam

  Frizztext’s A-Z challenge

For my other entries to this challenge see Frizztext A-Z challenge in my tag cloud hidden at the top of the page – click on the Δ


17 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: L

  1. I found the L’s OK, but “tag cloud”? Now that is getting a bit technical for me and I couldn’t find that little symbol Lynne. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place!!!!


    1. Hi Pommepall -just beneath the black menu bar at the top of my home page is a magnifying glass and another symbol – click on that symbol and you will see a listing of my most used tags. If you are not at the top of the page, there is a little triangular symbol in the black menu bar- click on that and it takes you to the top of the page where you will see the symbols. And thank you for asking – I want to make sure people can get around the blog and find things.


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