Here’s to Change

Dinan last drink

So, over two years and over 500 posts … I thought it was time for a change.  Since I’m mostly into photography I thought this displayed the photos well.   I’d like to know what you think of the new format – can you get around OK?  Find what interests you?  Do you know where my tag cloud is? Does anyone even click on a tag cloud?  Do you miss the categories widget?  IS THE FONT TOO BIG?   Really, I’d like to know if I should stick with this format.


25 thoughts on “Here’s to Change

  1. Clever title! Chuckle. I was just admiring this clean, spacious theme. It’s perfect for showcasing your work. No, the fonts are not too big. Nobody alive reads tags or categories unless he can’t figure out what the photo is and is searching for a clue. Chuckle. The entire design is good. Keep it.


  2. Congratulations!

    It’s a lovely uncluttered theme, Lynne and when you fix the colour of your blog name your header will look great with the finely cropped picture, I think. The font size is fantastic for me, and each post is nicely differentiated from the next on the home page. Finding things is a little difficult – though it’s easy enough to pop up and access the widgets, the scroll does go on a bit, so you don’t know whether there’ll be lots of info at the bottom of the page that will help you find things if you’re looking for something specific, or whether to scroll back up to the top to the access widget! Have you abandoned the “Like” button on purpose?


    1. Thanks, Meredith – I fixed the blog name (thank you) and shortened the number of posts per page. But about the ‘like’ button – it’s there, on the home page and on the individual post page – aren’t you seeing it?


      1. Well, perhaps that’s a Word Press problem – or even more likely, my internet connection – I can see now that where the “Like” button would be there’s a little “Loading” sign … The header looks great!


          1. After 2 years, I had trouble with mine, Lynne. Same “Loading” issue as described above. Spent a lot of time searching for answers. For me, it was happening mostly when using Chrome as a browser. It is a known issue affecting some of the newer themes, with no real solution. A popular solution for some was to deactivate Jetpack (if you’re using it), and then reactivate. Did not work for me. I finally just took the WP “Likes” button off and replaced it with another type.


            1. Oh crap – I do hope this isn’t a problem I’m going to face … I’ve noticed it on some other blogs – I use Chrome. I left Firefox because they no longer seemed to be compatible with Google. Thanks for the input, Lisa. I do hope people will let me know if they are not seeing the ‘like’ button.


  3. Hi Lynne, I like your new format– very clean. I did notice that the title of your blog is not readable– it’s white text on a white background… nice to have a change to spice things up!


  4. I will be back later to offer you feedback about the new theme and layout. 🙂
    but just looked at your legion of doors link and got sidetracked with such amazing doors. also, I did not see a tag cloud – but I never click on them anyway (that is just me though!)



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