The WC

I’ve been working on a Fine Art Photography series that I’m calling the Cook’s Tour Series.  Ever been on a bus, Cook’s Tour or otherwise, snapping photos – sign posts popping up in inappropriate places, buildings at wonky angles, reflections off the glass?   Welcome to my Cook’s Tour Series 🙂

digital art fine art photography urban street photography

I have posted two more to my photo blog which you can view here.   Comments and critique welcome.

7 thoughts on “The WC

    1. Hi Stephen – glad you found my photo blog and thank you for all your footprints 😉 That rotation comes from shooting through the bus window as we rolled along. I agree the other Cooks Tour that I have posted so far came out rather straight but there are more that didn’t, believe me 😉 I’ll be posting more. Really appreciate your comment.


        1. 🙂 I like the adjective ‘precise’, Stephen – thank you. I have PS’d each in this series but not to correct wonky angles etc since I want that Cook’s-tour-seeing-sites-on-the-fly feeling. 🙂


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