17 thoughts on “Black and White: Overhead

    1. Hi Naomi – it’s a bit longer for me than that but one reason we went was because my grandmother and great grandmother lived in the area over 100 years ago. I still have a plate she purchased during her time there.


      1. How cool, Lynne! St. Malo has such a unique history! They declared themselves independent from France and became a pirate base. Their motto is “Not French, not Breton, but Malouin.” Even after they submitted to France, they did so on condition that they could fly the Malouin flag higher than the French one–the only town in France allowed that privilege. Do your grandmother and great grandmother have an independent streak?


        1. My great grandmother very much so, I think. I have a journal written by her that tells much about the 20 year period from 1891 to 1910. She was a minister, perhaps not so likely for back then and, it is said in a book published by Harvard U about Women of the Century that she and my great grandfather were the first married couple, in the world, to be ordained together in the church. When he died at a young age of 30 something she was on her own with two young children. It was then that she moved to France and lived in Dinard, and Dinan and made her way quite well.


          1. That is the coolest family history! Have you ever translated the journal? It would be fascinating to read. We also spent some time in Dinan, which is another piece of living history and very easy on the eye.


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