Photo Editing February’s photos

This week’s editing challenge over at Sonel’s blog is our choice – the only parameter is that it be shot in February.  Last month I went up to Ottawa’s Winterlude so I had a number of shots to choose from.  Below is the result of one of my efforts, and below that is the original.

digital art fine art photography


In Sagelight I cropped it and then blew out the details in the foreground and middle ground using the light blender in the power box controls.  In Paint I removed the last of the foreground shadows and the girl in pink and the centre tree plus the arch to the left of the tree, which I found distracting.  Back in Sagelight I converted it to black and white, adjusted the lighting to bring up the interest in the sky and applied the vignette.  What I like about Sagelight’s vignette feature is that you can easily adjust its shape, angle and placement, and colour if you wish. In that way I concentrated the light on the city across the river.   Whether or not you like the results, the combination of effects provides quite a transformation.

These following shots also taken at Winterlude have been posted on my photo blog but here I will show the originals as well.   This is an ice sculpture – I couldn’t get close because the line was long and time was short so I had to make do with this sculpture

But with Sagelight I brought the background to black using the light blender controls and cropped the shot.  An HDR effect brought up the details.  Sagelight has a number of HDR effects, some very subtle.

ice sculpture at Ottawa's winterlude

This shot was taken from a bus window –

street photography

After cropping and using an artistic HDR effect I liked the result and felt that the tilted buildings, window reflection and cropped truck in the foreground all created a bustling big city feel to the photo.  I adjusted the colour and left it.

digital art fine art photography urban street photographyThis last one required a bit more editing …

street photography couple

I didn’t want the truck, or the woman in the white jacket.  I could have cropped the truck out but felt that destroyed the proportions of the photo.  In the end I cropped half of it and used Paint for the rest of it and the woman in the jacket. This required some rebuilding of the fence and a bit of the glass in the building, also done in Paint.  In Sagelight I applied an HDR effect and adjusted the lighting and colour.

digital art fine art street photography


18 thoughts on “Photo Editing February’s photos

  1. Some fantastic editing. My wife thinks it takes a lot of patience when I work on my photos. Like you say, but it’s fun! No patience required!


  2. Wow! You did some great editing on the shots Lynne! They all came out great! Great job and entry hon and thanks for taking part. 😀


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