Black and White: Rural Churches of Eastern Ontario

St. Finnan’s Cathedral, Alexandria; built 1833

DSCN1439 St Finnan's Cathedral

St Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s West; built 1801 – one of the first Roman Catholic churches built in Upper Canada (Ontario) and the oldest remaining stone structure in the province erected as a church. During the War of 1812 it was used as a hospital.

DSCN1477 St Andrews RC

St. Margaret’s of Scotland, Glen Nevis; church records start in 1882

church in Glen Nevis OntarioSt. Anne’s Anglican Church, Easton’s Corners; Β built 1876

church easton's corners, ontarioSt. Andrew’s United Church, Dalhousie Mills, Ontario; 1869 – known locally as the Round Church, it is built in a hexagon shape.Β 

DSCN5775 St Andrew's United church, Round Church SL bw 8x6St Alexander’s Catholic Church, Lochiel, Ontario –Β stories indicate that church services were conducted here from the early 1800’s. Church records start in 1863.

DSCN5867 St Alexander's Catholic Church Lochiel

19 thoughts on “Black and White: Rural Churches of Eastern Ontario

    1. Our particular area here in southeastern Ontario has a lot of history. A lot of settlers were coming in from the British Isles, particularly from Scotland, and Loyalists came up from the States. And so, yes, building was probably taking place a a furious rate as they transformed our landscape from woods to farmland. One of our first Prime Ministers is buried just down the road – in fact at the cemetery by the church that was used as a hospital during the War of 1812.


    1. Thanks, Jackie. The one at Lochiel was taken on a beautiful autumn day with glorious colour I was hesitant to hide but it wouldn’t have fit the series in colour. As it was the conversion was good too.


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