Photo Editing: Footwear 3

I like these challenges because they get me to look at my photos in different ways, working to get the best out of each.  I cropped the original photo to focus on the subject of the challenge and discovered a shot I like.

mother and child walking in cityAfter cropping there were leftovers in the upper frame that I removed using Paint. Then  I used Sagelight but I did little else to this shot other than a small adjust on the black point (found under image/pro quick mode), and I tweaked the definition strength using power box controls.  Also a small tweak on the vibrancy to enhance the image of two girls stepping out in the city.  Here’s the original:

mother and child walking in city

Sonel’s photo editing challenge: footwear

12 thoughts on “Photo Editing: Footwear 3

  1. Sometimes less is more. It took me a few years to realize this. I find myself shooting with longer focal lengths. I hardly reach for the wide angle anymore. I like to believe that shooting with film and medium format made me a better photographer. Cropping an image is often necessary.


  2. I love it Lynne! Cropping the photo was an excellent job and very creative! Great entry and thanks for taking part. You’ve been quite busy and I love seeing how you do it and what you do. You’re a star! 😀


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