Photo Editing: Footwear 2

Changing gears, I took this photo, already focused on the shoes of this greeter in Tallinn.  (The length of the point apparently was an indication of the wealth of the wearer.)


I tried to give a touch of magic to these shoes.  I liked the arrangement of shape and form that resulted.


Again in Sagelight, I did a tighter crop for a more pleasing arrangement, applied a soft focus for a more ethereal image and added the vignette which I felt added a sense of being transported away.

Sonel’s photo editing challenge: footwear

6 thoughts on “Photo Editing: Footwear 2

  1. Wow Lynne! Magical indeed! I didn’t know the length of the shoe point indicates wealth? Very, very interesting! Great shot and the edit is stunning. It made me think of all the Alladin movies I’ve seen. Thanks for taking part and for sharing. 😀


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